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This site is for you to explore using the presentation services of Dr. Marvin Marshall to improve your personal, professional, or organization’s life by reducing stress and learning how to use authority without coercion.

His presentations are life-enhancing. They show how to immediately

  • Teach without stress,
  • Discipline without stress,
  • Parent without stress, and
  • Live without stress

    He is the author of award-winning books on all four topics.

At the conclusion of his presentations, participants

  • Reduce stress in both their personal and professional lives
  • Become more effective
  • Improve relationships
  • Promote more responsible behavior
  • Have new procedures to enjoy life.

    He has given keynotes and seminars in 25 countries on five continents.

A Principal’s View

Raising Responsibility

"... after reading Dr. Marshall’s book, Discipline Without Stress, Punishments or Rewards, I realized that if I was going to use this in my classroom, I should try it at home first. As a mother of two teenagers, creating an environment that was stress-free really appealed to me." [READ MORE]

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