Discipline to Promote Responsibility & Learning


How to Stop Classroom Disruptions

A teacher who practices the Discipline Without Stress methodology recently told me about an interaction in her classroom and wondered how she could improve. Here’s what happened. She explained that she has a few children in her class who persist in behaving at Level B, even after she has “checked for understanding” and has proceeded… Read More »

Discipline and the Strong-Willed Child

A parent recently contacted me asking for advice. She said that her first grade daughter got in trouble at school (on the very first day of class) because the child is very strong-willed and refused to obey her teacher. Since the teacher was not using the Raise Responsibility System, she naturally resorted to traditional and… Read More »

Improve Children’s Attitude Toward School

Many parents lament that their children’s attitude about school is that they only want to get by with the minimum. Even if the youth does the assigned homework, they often forget to turn it in. Their teachers often report that these are intelligent children, yet they are not doing well in their studies. Does this… Read More »

Change Your Relationships by Changing Yourself

If you look around at your family, friends, and co-workers, you will see that the happiest people are the ones who don’t pretend to know what’s right for others and don’t try to control anyone but themselves. You will further see that the people who are most miserable are those who are always trying to… Read More »

Thinking, Beliefs, and Learning

I often write and talk about helping students avoid victimhood-thinking. But it’s equally important for teachers to avoid the victimization mentality as well. Thinking like a victim is toxically disempowering. Empowerment is so much more effective. And even if it were not, you would still be happier in an empowerment mode than in a victimhood… Read More »

Make the School Year Happy, not Stressful

Teaching consistently ranks as one of the top 20 most stressful professions. And too much stress in anyone’s life makes happiness hard to maintain. But the fact is that as a teacher, you have a responsibility to yourself to think and participate in those activities that bring you a fulfilled life—one that brings you happiness.… Read More »

How to Make a Difference in a Child’s Life

I’ve seen the following message circulate over the years. As so many teachers and parents are spending the next few weeks preparing for another school year, I thought this would be a good time to share this wonderful reminder about what it really takes to make a difference in someone’s life. Recall the following: 1.… Read More »

How to Discipline When a Child is Making a Scene

At some point, all parents have had to deal with a child who did not want to listen or comply with what needed to be done. Whether it was getting the child to buckle his or her car seat or leave a fun place (such as a public swimming pool or beach), the child resisted… Read More »

Encourage Responsible Thinking

Whenever my students gave me an excuse for something within their control, I didn’t discipline them in the traditional ways. Rather, my standard comment to them was, “Responsibility finds a way; irresponsibility finds an excuse.” The purpose of this mantra was to encourage responsible thinking and behavior. Since being responsible requires thinking, effort, and choosing… Read More »

The Best Way to Promote Responsibility

One vital thought to keep in mind when promoting responsibility with the young is this: “Do not do something for them that they can do for themselves.” When you want the young person to do something and he or she does not, oftentimes stress is induced—on the adult. The youngster is aware of your emotions… Read More »