Since we have the power to change our thinking, we also have the ability to alter our emotions.

Stress is largely a person’s own creation. Most of the stress we encounter is prompted by challenges in relationships, in situations, and in how we handle our own thoughts. Thinking (cognition) significantly affects feelings (emotions), which in turn impacts stress levels.

Depending on our perspective, situations can present problems or challenges, which can prompt or relieve stress. Being mindful of our thinking can alter our
emotions and stress levels. Dr. Marvin Marshall will show you how to use simple strategies to
significantly reduce stress, promote responsibility, increase effectiveness, and improve relationships—regardless if the stress stems from work, parenting, teaching, relationships, or any other situation. You will learn how to live a happier and more enjoyable life.

Suggested Questions:

  1. What is the one (1) phrase that can immediately reduce your stress?
  2. What are the three (3) essential procedures for stress management?
  3. How does the language you choose shape your thinking and feelings?
  4. What are some simple strategies to significantly reduce stress?
  5. What one (1) skill can anyone learn to reduce anxiety and stress?

Talking Points:

  • You cannot stop emotions; however, by changing your thinking you can redirect emotions and reduce stress.
  • Learn how to avoid being a victim regarding any situation, stimulation, or urge.
  • Self-talk creates your reality and has a direct bearing on your feelings and stress levels.
  • Choice ends when life ends. You are constantly making choices—both consciously and nonconsciously. Being mindful of choices significantly reduces stress.
  • You can control other people but you cannot change anyone but yourself. Learn how to influence people so they will change themselves to do what you want them to do.
  • Influencing rather than aiming to control is more effective and reduces stress levels.
  • Discover how aiming at obedience and perfection are pathways to stress.
  • Problems and challenges can be easily resolved with solving circles.

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